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Peggy and Tide Holiday Photo


Sierra Nevada Sporthorses is the culmination of Tosha Duncan Buker's lifetime of passion, dedication, and genuine love for horses. With a diverse background including three-day eventing through Training level, dressage up to first level, jumpers up to 1.10 meter, endurance riding of all lengths up to 100 miles in a day, foal imprinting and breeding operations, young horse starting, and retraining off the track thoroughbreds, Tosha has two decades of experience in the industry working with a diverse array of horses and disciplines. Her true calling is in producing horses with a strong foundation, and in creating lasting matches between horse and rider. 


Outside of the horse world, Tosha earned her A.A. degree in English, her B.S. in Environmental Studies, and works in land and environmental management for a large utility company. She enjoys anything related to the outdoors, and can usually be found roaming somewhere in her beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains with her husband and dog when she has a spare moment.


Thank you for learning more about Sierra Nevada Sporthorses, we are excited to introduce you to your next sport horse partner! 

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