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Time and Tide

"Tide" is an unbranded mustang, estimated to be born in 2018 or 2019! She has a very obvious appaloosa influence, and her DNA results came back with her primary breed as Venezuelan crillo, secondary Standardbred, and third Welsh pony! She is 100% one of the most genuine horses I've ever met; she wears her heart on her sleeve, has a smart and steady mind, and shows incredible talent for many disciplines! 

My hope for Tide is that she will enjoy doing a bit of everything! Endurance, dressage, jumpers, or whatever else sounds fun. 

Tide November 2023
Tide at Folsom Lake

Peggy Slew

"Peggy" is a 2017 mare with Seattle Slew, Nijinsky II, Unusual Heat, and Northern Dancer in her pedigree. She stands 16.0 hands with a compact frame. 

Peggy was the non-Hanoverian mare site champion at her 2022 Hanoverian inspection, where she surpassed their rigorous expectations and was accepted into the registry. The inspector was particularly impressed with her hock angle, hind end, and her movement. Peggy had a 2023 foal and is giving me one more foal in 2024, then she will resume her riding career!

You couldn't find a sweeter mare if you tried, and I am convinced that Peggy is an angel trapped in a horse's body. She was showing incredible talent for dressage before her maternity leave, and I am very excited to get her back in action!


~Rest In Peace~

"Rizzo" was a 2017 mare boasting Storm Cat, Secretariat, Mr. Prospector, and Northern Dancer in her pedigree. Rizzo was trained at the track but never raced. Unknown to me at the time of purchase, Rizzo exhibited dangerous behavior and we can just say she was not a favorite at the track. 

For the first year I had her, Rizzo was my dream. Wonderful, easy, everything I'd ever wanted. Rizzo competed through 2'9" jumpers and was always in the ribbons, won high point at her first gymkhana, gave pony rides to my young nephews, and spent time cross country schooling and on trail rides. She began showing signs of discomfort, and we discovered kissing spines and neck arthritis. After over a year and a half of diagnostics, treatments, rehabs, time off, seeking advice from more vets and trainers than I can list, her continued deterioration left humane euthanasia as the only option left. 

I will always wonder how and why she gave me that year, it's something I still can't wrap my mind around but am so grateful for. I truly believe Rizzo and I loved and understood one another; she tried her heart out and gave me the best she was capable of. In the end, I did what I felt was right for her, and ensured that she only knew peace and love until her final moments. 

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